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Market Research

Mystery shopper

Collecting objective information in confidence about various aspects related to the quality of service and service standards defined by the organizations. This is done through face-to-face visits, telephone calls and/or email.

Market research

A process that aims to collect qualitative and/or quantitative data on transfers in a given business quadrant, including an in-depth analysis of the target audience, consumer buying behavior, competition, SWOT analysis and trends.

Consumer satisfaction study

Analysis of consumer satisfaction levels using surveys in the form of open and/or closed questionnaires. Based on the answers collected, the organization is able to make strategic decisions in order to meet the general wishes of consumers/customers.

Consumer satisfaction study

Evaluation of employee satisfaction levels, along with their motivation and level of competence in the face of the challenges inherent in their job. It allows us to understand the level of employee performance and strategically manage human resources.

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